How to Engage Students

3 Strategies for How to Engage Students No one likes a dull classroom. It’s harder to teach and even harder to learn. We want to help teachers crack the classic puzzle of how to engage students.   1. Sell the Lesson   One of the most common questions teachers will get at both K-8 and High School levels is: Why do I need to know this? When will I ever need to use this skill? And this makes sense. The students value their time just like all of us and if they don’t think your lesson will help them in life, why should they raise their hand and ask questions or engage instead of thinking about lunch?   So the first strategy is  to sell your lesson to them in a similar fashion as to how businesses sell products. This sounds strange at first, why would I try to sell something to my students? But if you have an iPhone, you didn’t just buy it because Apple said, “Look, here’s an iPhone 5!”. Instead they said, “You can take amazing pictures and videos and always stay connected!” So give examples in how you’ve personally used this knowledge, and  in math, make case problems instead of plain numbers and in history try showing how similar events are happening now.   2. Let Students Help Each other   If you’ve had a really engaged class throughout the semester or even for the day, let them start doing in-class assignments together. Sometimes students are afraid to ask too  many questions during a lecture or while working individually, but when they have the chance to work with their peers they are much more comfortable asking for help. This can be even more […]

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    Simeon Gets Down to Badge-ness with Other Thought Leaders at Educelerate Simeon Gets Down to Badge-ness with Other Thought Leaders at Educelerate

    Simeon Gets Down to Badge-ness with Other Thought Leaders at Educelerate

Simeon Gets Down to Badge-ness with Other Thought Leaders at Educelerate

Simeon and other thought leaders at Educelerate. Check out the post on! Simeon and I then discussed how we are approaching badges from a startup’s point of view. Youtopia is pioneering a way for people to receive public credit for doing good (volunteering, giving blood, contributing to a food drive, etc.), and MentorMob is helping life long learners organize free online content into top notch “Learning Playlists”—so both projects consider themselves prime candidates for badges, which can: Motivate and encourage the completion of tasks and lessons Serve as a record keeping tool for participants Advertise a badge earner’s accomplishment publicly Identify trustworthy programs and curriculum

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One entrepreneur’s journey from beneficiary to angel investor

From Chicago Business, powered by Crain’s By: Steve Hendershot February 27, 2012 Tech entrepreneur-turned-investor Shawn Riegsecker understands the value of an angel investor firsthand because his own company relied on one. That was in 2005, when Mr. Riegsecker’s Centro LLC was looking to develop its technology platform. (Chicago-based Centro helps ad agencies purchase digital display advertising.) Mr. Riegsecker had used his own money and credit to build the business to that point but then raised $1.8 million from 20 angels, mostly based in Texas and New York.

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Youtopia begins optimizing all social good

CHICAGO, January 1, 2012 — The arena of volunteer organization recently gained a valuable ally with the arrival of Their mission? To optimize all social good. Youtopia is approaching this ambitious task through the development of a web and mobile gamification platform that allows employees, students, and volunteers to track and organize their good deeds, academic achievements, and community service. Youtopia’s gamification platform further benefits schools, companies, and their communities by making it easy to share this good work with their social networks. For the first time, Youtopia provides verified and quantified analytics detailing what individuals or organizations accomplish.

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