Fourth Grader

Meet Alexandra, a superstar fourth grader who uses Youtopia to keep track of all the good things she does at school. Whether it’s being on time, finishing her homework, or getting involved after school – she does it all with a smile knowing that her teachers, parents, and peers recognize how great she’s doing. When she gets home from school, Alexandra gets on Youtopia to check out the points and badges she’s earned for everything from acing her math assignments, to helping out with the school bake sale, and working on her school’s anti-bullying campaign. Alexandra beams thinking about how much she loves working towards her goals with Youtopia.


Fourth Grade Teacher

Here’s Alexandra’s teacher, Mr. Hendrick. Every morning, he reviews how his students are doing on Youtopia. At a glance, he can see who is engaged and who needs a little extra help. Throughout the day, Mr. Hendrick uses Youtopia to track attendance, homework, and class participation – as well as positive behaviors like leadership and respect. Everything is in one place, and easy to share. Youtopia frees him up to focus on what matters most, teaching. His students love to see their points rack up and are more motivated and eager to participate, his parents are more involved and love watching their student’s progress, and he can show his principle that the teaching he does, in and out of lessons, is really working.


High School Student

Matt is a junior in high school who works hard in class and has a passion for helping out in his community. He uses Youtopia to track his service hours and extracurriculars. Every time Matt volunteers at the animal shelter, tutors elementary students in math, or goes to student government, he logs his hours on Youtopia. When it comes time to apply to college, he’ll have a verified account of all that he’s done for his school and his community. Matt keeps an eye on how his peers are keeping up with him – he’s hoping to stay at the top of his class in Service Hours so he can put that Outstanding Service Badge on his applications.


High School Guidance Counselor

Meet Matt’s guidance counselor, Mrs. Keener. She uses Youtopia to make sure all her students are getting their required service hours completed for graduation, and that they have a full report on all their academic and extracurricular achievements. She loves Youtopia because now she has all her students at her fingertips, she can easily share reports with her dean to show that she’s got everyone on track. At the end of the semester, Mrs. Keener now uses her Youtopia reports of everything each student has done to share with parents and include in her students’ college applications. Youtopia gives her the organization she needs to be able to give every one of her students the attention they deserve.


College Student

This is Rob, a college senior who double majors in Business and Community Service Studies. His first class of the day is a seminar for his major that requires 100 service hours. The professor has been tracking their hours through Youtopia so Rob can check to make sure he’s staying on schedule at anytime. After lunch, Rob meets up with his fraternity on the campus quad. They’re running a fundraiser through Youtopia for the local homeless shelter and he’s leading the effort. In fact, Rob’s raised the most money for the year and is hoping to get the Sigma Outstanding Fundraiser Badge to add to all his service hours. Youtopia gives him a complete report of all the good he’s done so he can show his future employers what kind of person he is.