Manage Your Chapter. Perfect for fraternities and sororities, alumni associations, campus clubs, and classrooms – Youtopia makes it simple to organize and engage your members. Easily update your community on all the opportunities for them to get involved and give them credit for their good work. Youtopia gives you the tools to track and reward everything your members do, all while eliminating confusing, inaccurate spreadsheets.

Bolster Service, Fundraising, & Recruiting. With Youtopia, everything your group does – every hour served, dollar raised, or pledge recruited is tracked and rewarded in one place. Create verified reports of your service. Show off how much your group has raised, or compare yourself with other groups on campus. Track how many new recruits each member brings in, then reward them points – or give out a Recruiter Badge to who you think did an awesome job.

Encourage Engagement. Improve participation with Youtopia. Plug in your goals, and watch as your members gain points for their work, climb the leaderboards, and earn badges for their achievements. Customize your very own reward system to add a little healthy competition to the mix. When it comes time to apply for internships or employment your members can present a verified and comprehensive account of their good work.









“As a member and now President of APO I feel like Youtopia helps us streamline the entire process.  It helps us not only track our service hours, but our fellowship, our dues, and attendance.  It helps our whole chapter know what’s going on and it really gets our name out there in the community.  And other chapters will be able to collaborate with us, which I think will be really beneficial,”

– Claire Burns, Gamma Xi Chapter President, Rockhurst University

With our simple dashboard, there’s nowhere to get lost, and managers can find what they need in seconds.





Simply select from the pre-built reports, choose your criteria, and you’re done.

Reports give you the ability to review the performance of your group as individuals and specified groups. This can be used internally in planning for the next year or externally to display the Amazing accomplishments of the organization for new recruits, alumni, and governing bodies.


Youtopia’s entire gamification system can be customized to suit your fraternity or sororities unique needs. You have the control. After all, no one knows your members better than you.

Youtopia comes pre-populated with activities and badges to get you started. You’re 60 seconds away from using Youtopia in your fraternity or sorority. Sign up today for free.