Management Made Easy. Youtopia helps you organize everything that your students do – from academics, to service learning, to extracurriculars. Our platform tracks student participation – awarding them points as they work to reach their goals, and badges to mark milestone achievements. Acknowledge your students for mastering concepts, completing projects, or simply being on time. We make it easy.

Track Service Learning. Youtopia is a perfect tool for schools with service learning programs. Inaccurate manual systems require hundreds of hours from teachers and don’t provide any useful data. With Youtopia, your students submit their hours and reflections online, building a transparent and comprehensive report for teachers, parents, and principals. We save you time, so you can focus on what matters most.

Prepare Them For Their Future. Youtopia helps you prepare students for their future by building verified reports of all their service hours, academic accolades, and extracurricular achievements. Youtopia also helps them develop 21st century skills like collaboration, respect, and leadership. Make sure your students have a complete record of their high school career to bolster their college and scholarship applications.



With everything laid out in front of you, it’s easy to: create new challenges, activities, and badges; confirm or reject activities; and see what your students are up to.




With our simple dashboard, there’s nowhere to get lost, and users can find what they need in seconds.




Simply select from the pre-built reports, choose your criteria, and you’re done.

Youtopia’s entire gamification system can be customized to suit your classroom’s unique needs. You have the control. After all, no one knows your students better than you.

Youtopia comes pre-populated with activities and badges to get you started. You’re 60 seconds away from using Youtopia in your classroom. Sign up today for free.