Manage Your Classroom. Youtopia streamlines your Positive Behavior Intervention System by bringing the entire process online. Simple to set up and customize, Youtopia tracks your students’ activities, encourages them to do more, and generates comprehensive reports as you teach. Show off your students’ good work to parents, principals and peers with reports of their success. Easy to report, easy to track, easy to use.

Engage Your Students. Inspire improved academics, better behavior, and more service with instant access to our plug-and-play gamification toolkit. Youtopia fits your needs. Plug in your curriculum, set your goals, and watch as your students gain points for their work, climb the leaderboards, and earn badges for their achievements. Youtopia is designed to keep your students engaged in and out of the classroom. Pretty cool, huh?

Support Their Success. Reward your students for mastering concepts, completing projects, or simply being on time. Affirm 21st century skills like collaboration, respect, and leadership. When it’s time to take their next big step, your students will have the skills to succeed along with a complete report of their good work. Youtopia helps you transform the required into the inspired.


With everything laid out in front of you, it’s easy to: create new challenges, activities, and badges; confirm or reject activities; and see what your students are up to.




With our simple dashboard, there’s nowhere to get lost, and users can find what they need in seconds.





Simply select from the pre-built reports, choose your criteria, and you’re done.

Youtopia’s entire gamification system can be customized to suit your classroom’s unique needs. You have the control. After all, no one knows your students better than you.

Youtopia comes pre-populated with activities and badges to get you started. You’re 60 seconds away from using Youtopia in your classroom. Sign up today for free.