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Internet startups blend commerce with philanthropy

From Chicago Business, powered by Crain’s By: Steve Hendershot March 19, 2012 Internet entrepreneurship is all about dreaming big and aspiring to launch the next Google, Facebook or Groupon. So it’s no surprise when tech entrepreneurs also include an ambitious social or philanthropic component in their businesses.

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One entrepreneur’s journey from beneficiary to angel investor

From Chicago Business, powered by Crain’s By: Steve Hendershot February 27, 2012 Tech entrepreneur-turned-investor Shawn Riegsecker understands the value of an angel investor firsthand because his own company relied on one. That was in 2005, when Mr. Riegsecker’s Centro LLC was looking to develop its technology platform. (Chicago-based Centro helps ad agencies purchase digital display advertising.) Mr. Riegsecker had used his own money and credit to build the business to that point but then raised $1.8 million from 20 angels, mostly based in Texas and New York.

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