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    Buzz on Youtopia

Buzz on Youtopia

Youtopia 18, MAR A few weeks ago, I was invited through Twitter to learn more about Youtopia, an amazing platform for gamifying learning and service. Gamification is a motivational tool which commonly relies on “badges” or some other outside incentive to promote behavior. Think of “achievements” in video games – progressing in a game is a game in and of itself. Youtopia lets you take this mentality and apply it to students and club members. Nevertheless, the administrator of the group has the power to set badges and requirements for earning them, making this platform available for gamifying practically anything. The product is, in short, amazing; but the service is more astounding. I was given a free demonstration of the software and even invited to try the product out with any groups I’m involved with. More importantly, this invitation extends to anyone interested. If you are at all interested in this software, let me know, and I will connect you. Follow Zach on twitter @Zlipp and visit his blog

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Parallel Initiatives

Youtopia is committed to honoring and incorporating the ideas of the global community.

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