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Youtopia Dinner Table

Where the best food on the planet for you, finds you!

High-Quality, Gluten-Free Ingredients

We only use high-quality ingredients that balance nutrient density, freshness, and value.  We eliminate over 230 commonly found toxins from ever entering our kitchen.

100% You-based Healthy Eating Made Easy

Your nutrients are locally made and can be enjoyed in-store for dine-in, or picked up and taken to-go, or delivered to your front door!

Matched to Your Body's Nutrient Needs

We do the reading, filtering, research, and processing to collect extensive medical and nutritional knowledge and aggregate it around You, conveniently and practically, for what your body needs.

Helping You Get the Health You Want.

When your car’s oil change light comes on, you know what to do. Why don’t you have something like that for your body? Youtopia is making personalized guidance available at your fingertips to help you optimize your health with Precision Nourishment.

Discover Precision Nourishment

How it works

Our proprietary Nourishment Optimization Engine utilizes your unique information to determine your daily nutrient needs and provides you with made-from-scratch, fresh, locally made, high-quality entrées that closely meet your needs.

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Download the Application

Fill out a few simple questions about you to create your personalized menu.

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Order From Your Personalized Menu

Your menu will contain nothing but great choices,  scored to match your nutrient needs.

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Higher Scores = Better

Each item is scored based on how closely it matches your nutrient needs.

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Eat & Repeat

Delivery or pick-up, dine-in or take-out - you enjoy delicious tasting meals when and where you want them. We even do the dishes.

It's all about you!

100% You-based
& 100% Digital

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