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Youtopia will be one of the ten most important transformations in history.

We're a health technology company on a mission to make vibrant health and longevity to 120 a simple and achievable reality for all of us. We can't do it without the support of other visionary and mission-minded investors who genuinely desire to make the world a better place.
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How Youtopia Works

Our proprietary Nourishment Optimization Engine utilizes each person’s unique bio-extraction information to determine their daily nutrient needs and then provide them fresh, locally made, high-quality entrées that closely meet these needs.
Overview of How Youtopia Works

New Category in $1 Trillion+ Market

We are strategically entering the market as a different choice for millions of consumers who value precision nourishment and simplicity.

Youtopia is not a better widget competing in a crowded marketplace. We create a whole new business category with plans to scale to $9+ Billion in revenue in 7 years.
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Invest in Youtopia

We're on a mission to make vibrant health and longevity to 120 a simple and achievable reality for all of us.

You have a limited opportunity to become one of the visionary investors who help us make Youtopia a reality.

Don't miss it.

Invest In Youtopia

Intellectual Property Portfolio

We’ve designed, invested in, and created a health technology platform and protected it with an intellectual property portfolio that provides us a sizable “moat” around our business.

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Invest in Youtopia

At the end of this century, we hope humanity will look back and conclude that what Youtopia brought to the world was one of the ten most essential transformations in history.

We're looking for a select group of individuals to surround Youtopia with demonstrated capabilities to help us bring Youtopia to the world.  

  • US accredited investors only
  • Starting from $100,000

Our core goal is that Youtopia remains permanently in the hands of individuals who are focused on its mission.

Please get in touch if you want to be part of this vital mission for humanity’s future.

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