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The Youtopia Discovery Center

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The opportunity to discover how good you can be is almost here!

For the first time ever, in a remarkably advanced, easy, and exciting experience, you’ll be able to discover precisely what nutrients your body needs using cutting-edge technology, top-of-the-line tools, and incredibly insightful testing. This is a new approach to helping you optimize your health with Precision Nourishment, which we’re excited to have right here at your local Youtopia Precision Nourishment Center.

Making your meals 100% You-based

No other body in the world is like your body. The nourishment your body needs is equally unique! While every Youtopia meal has a general Nutrient Score™, after your initial experience in the Discovery Center, your Youtopia meal will have a Personalized Nutrient Score specific to you. Taking insights discovered about you and the world’s best nutritional science and medical knowledge, we process them through our multi-patented nourishment optimization engine to allow you to satisfy your very specific nutrient needs with every bite and sip from Youtopia.
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How it Works

How it works

1. Your Youtopia App will soon have a button labeled “Discovery” at the bottom of the screen. When you tap on this section of the app, you will be onboarded for the Discovery Center.

2. You will then select the experiences you wish to participate in. The Starting Line is the first experience required. Additional experiences are available that offer different and more in-depth insights. The more experiences you choose, the more precise your Personalized Nutrient Score will be and the more insights you will have into optimizing your health with Precision Nourishment.

Additional experience prices will vary

The Starting LineTM

It all starts with The Starting Line – A comprehensive evaluation that including these 15 functional wellness areas of your body.
1. Hydration
2. Muscles & Metabolism
3. Body Fats & Angry Fats
4. Bone Support
5. Blood Pressure
6. Emotional Impactors
7. Cellular Energy
8. Heart / Vascular
9. Immunity
10. Diabetic Indicators
11. Metabolic Syndrome Indicators
12. Digestion
13. Liver
14. Inflammation
15. Molecular Rusting
We are here to help you optimize your health with Precision Nourishment. Now imagine that every time you take a bite of a Youtopia meal, you get nutrients that help you optimize these 15 fundamental areas of your body. Does this sound like something worth discovering?
Your unique data will be securely analyzed and used to benchmark your progress. As you continue with Youtopia, ongoing visits to the Discovery Center will reveal critical areas where you are changing your body for the better –seeing the improvement for yourself is empowering!
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The Youtopia App will soon allow you to access to start the onboarding process, and we will let you know when to visit the Discovery Center as soon as it’s open.
At Youtopia, we want to meet you where you are on your wellness journey and then provide you with the science-backed guidance (and delicious meals!) you need to see real, sustainable improvement in your life.
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We are honored to be by your side and help you discover how good you can be!