Youtopia Green Gradient
Ken Neumann

Ken Neumann

Founder & CEO

About Ken Neumann

Ken Neumann combines his extensive engineering and business background, with a unique ability to envision new opportunities, design streamlined strategic paths to lead substantial transformation. He assembles and leads teams to achieve the vision while focusing and energizing the people to achieve excellent results. As owner, CEO, and/or partner of several firms within a variety of industries, Ken’s leadership and passion for greatness has driven annual revenue from start-up to over $500 million and completed over $5 billion in total revenue. Ken has invested and developed businesses ranging from pharmaceutical manufacturing, energy technology, information/software technology, team development, land development, and commercial and residential construction. Ken's passion is in creating, designing, and building win-win, bold, new companies related to solving some of the world’s biggest challenges. Ken is currently the founder and CEO of Youtopia where we are "Making Vibrant Health and Longevity to 120 a Simple and Achievable Reality for All of Us". He has been recognized by Training Magazine as one of the Top 12 CEO’s in the world for developing people and his businesses have been awarded the highest levels of distinction; twice being awarded the National Housing Quality Award, America’s Best Builder, Top Technology Company of the Year, 100 Best Companies to Work for, etc.